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Advanced Materials Technologies, LLC

We offer both manufacturing of complete components as well as full FAA repair and overhaul capabilities and repair development engineering.

Advanced Materials Technologies, LLC utilizes its ability to develop and perform advanced technology repairs as the key factor to safely reduce aircraft operating costs for our customers. Our repairs target components that have high replacement rates as well as high failure rates ultimately improving on-wing performance.  We specialize in the repair of hot section turbine component repairs such as turbine blades, turbine nozzles, turbine vanes, bearing carriers, gearbox housings, combustors, and shroud segments.

Our dedicated Engineering Department with on staff DER (FAA Designated Engineering Representative) work directly with our customers to determine which parts are negatively impacting operating costs and/or reliability. Once the specific components are identified, our experienced engineering team pursues repairs and establishes processes that reduce operating costs while not impacting part reliability. In many cases, the repairs actually improve durability and life of the component. FAA license – 7VDR117C

Many repair stations simply give up and scrap these costly components at the customer’s expense. Our experienced staff of aerospace and mechanical engineers work in concert with our airline customers’ engineering departments to develop proprietary processes for the repair of these valuable assets at a fraction of the cost of new.

Although not all components can (or should) be repaired, our technical staff provides innovative repair options more often than not. These options promote flexibility and provide cost-effective options to our customer’s maintenance challenges.

Advanced Materials Technologies provides quality products, on time and competitively priced.

Advanced Materials Technologies is committed to continual improvement and compliance to all customer requirements through continuous improvement of our people, processes, employee training and customer feed back.


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