2017 Equipment List


Matsuura MAM 72-100 5axis (full) machining center
12,000 RPM Spindle, 42” travel, 36 “Y” travel, 38” “Z” travel.
25” Dual Pallets 150 tools


Max. Work piece X43.3" Y24" Z 23.6" with 4th axis
10,000 RPM Spindle / 40 tool capacity

with Roller Guide Way's on X and Y axis and Glass Scales
Max. Work piece X39.4" Y20.5" Z19.9" 4th axis.
15,000 RPM Spindle / 40 tool capacity

Max. Work piece X23.3" Y24" Z23.6"
8,000RPM Spindle / 60 tool capacity

Max. Work X 19.7”, Y 15.7”, Z 13” 4th Axis
24,000 RPM, 21 Tool Capacity

Travels, X 31.5”, Y 31.5”, Z 31.5” full 4th axis.
10,000 RPM Spindle / 120 tool capacity

Table Size:15.7” round dia. – Travel (X, Y, Z):24” x 24” x 19.7”
50 Tools and 20,000RPM Spindle

Travels: X= 55.1” , Y= 41.3”, Z=47.2”, Full 4th axis,
90 tool ATC, twin 31.5” pallets. 3 speed gear box.

Travels:  X=55.1”, Y=41.3”, Z=47.2” Full 4th axis,
90 tool ATC, twin 24.8” pallets.

Travels, X=63”, Y=50”, Z=40”
4 axis, 31.5” rotary table.




Honor Seiki CNC VTL 100
850 RPM Spindle w/ 40” Hydraulic Chuck 60 HP
X Axis 24.6” / Z axis 39.37”
48” Swing / 43” Max Cutting Diameter / 26” Height

1800 RPM Spindle w/18" Chuck and 5.9" dia. tailstock (MT#5)
X axis 27.5" / Z axis 78.7" Travel
Max turning dia 34” diameter

12” chuck, Gearbox driven machine.
Swing 24” / Z axis 42.9" Travel

2.6" Bar Capacity / 4,500RPM 25HP Spindle Motor
X axis 6.9+1" / Z axis 27.6 Z Travel;

12' bar feed 2" Bar Capacity / 3,000RPM

12” Chuck, 2 speed, Gearbox, 24” swing 36” Z;

15” Chuck, 2 speed, Gearbox, 41” swing 43.5” Z


Sodick AQ750LH
(LN2WH) Linear Motor – Wire Electrical Discharge Machine
Travels of 29.53” (X) 19.68” (Y) 24.00” (Z) 30.31” (U) 20.47” (V)

Linear Motor Driven, High Speed, High-Performance CNC Sinker EDM
29.53" X 19.69" Work Table

Hole popper with full 4th axis capability

(LN2W) Linear Motor – Wire Electrical Discharge Machine
Travels of 23.62" (X), 15.75" (Y), 13.78" (Z) and 4.72" (U/V)

5 axis, Travels, X=31.5, Y=23.62, Z= 29.52, 
24 station tol changer, Touch probe kit, 150Kg max work piece weight.

(LN2W) Linear Motor – Wire Electrical Discharge Machine
Travels of 29.53” (X) 19.68” (Y) 18.00” (Z) 30.31” (U) 20.47” (V)



Repair Equipment

Repair Equipment

Chamber size 52 x 42 x 36 model W2

Miller GTAW model Synchrowave 350

Hot zone size 18” high, 24” wide, 36” deep
Max Temp 2250°F

Certified to ASTM-E-1417, Type 1 Fluorescent Penetrant,
Method D, Sensitivity Level 4


Metal Spray

Metal Spray Equipment

Metal Spray Equipment

•    M-10a Fanuc Robot
•    TAFA 9910 CoArc Spray
•    WireCote 960 Simple Wire Combustion

Spray Capabilities:

•    75B
•    Babbitt
•    SF Aluminum


YAM 24" Gap Engine Lathe
(2) Ganesh 3 axis Manual Mill
(1) Excel 3 axis Manual Mill
(1) Proto Trak FH7 3 axis vertical milling machine CNC
(1) H5 Radial Drill
 (1) Harig Super 612 Surface Grinder
Ramco LF-800A I.D / O.D Grinder
Mastercam X5
SolidWorks Professional 2012

PC-DMIS Pro Software
Measurement Range x23.62" Y31.50" Z23.62"
TESA Scope 355H Optical Comparator w/ TS 200 Technology
TESA Hite 400 Height Gage
(4) Granite surface plates sizes   5’ x 5’
Micrometers to 30”
Bore gages .20 – 12.00 diameter
Set-up blocks, vee blocks
81 piece gage block sets
Height masters, height gages
Thread gages, ring gages
Pin gages .011 to 1.000 diameter
(2) downdraft deburring benches
(1) Torit dust collection systems
Auto-Chlor System A4 Parts washer
(2) Zero pulsarm Grit Blast cabinets 36” capacity
Arbor and hydraulic presses
Overhead automatic Konecrane 3 ton capacities
Kalamazoo 5hp horizontal band saw 14”x14” capacity 1-1/2” blade

Feeler VMP-1100 Liner Guideway Vertical Machining Center
Feeler HV-1000
Feeler HV-1000 Vertical Machining Center
Matsura ES450
Matsura ES450 Horizontal Mill
Mitsubishi TV500
Mitsubishi TV500
KIWA KH-55 #50
KIWA KH-55 #50 Horizontal Machining Center
IMG_0771Kitamura 5 axis
Doosan NHM8000 horizontal machining center
Doosan NHM 6300 Horizontal Machining Center
Johnford AHC-1600
Johnford AHC-1600 Horizontal Machining Center (x2)
Hwacheon HI-TECH700
Hwacheon HI-TECH700 High Performance CNC Lathe
Leadwell LTC-25ALM
Leadwell LTC-25ALM CNC Turning Center
Feeler FTC-200L
(2) Feeler FTC-200L Liner Guideway Turning Centers
Nakamura Tome TMC20
Nakamura Tome TMC20 CNC Turning Center
(3) Doosan Puma 300 CNC Turning Center
(3) Doosan Puma 300 CNC Turning Center
Doosan Puma 400 CNC Turning Center
Sodick AG60L
Sodick AG60L
Current CT40
Current CT40
Sodick AG600L
Sodick AG600L

Makino EDBV8 CNC EDM hole drilling machine
Makino EDBV8 CNC EDM hole drilling machine
Sodick AQ750LH
Sodick AQ750LH
Hamilton Standard Electron Beam Welder
Hamilton Standard Electron Beam Welder
Miller GTAW model Synchrowave 350
Miller GTAW model Synchrowave 350
ISPEN Vacuum Furnace
ISPEN Vacuum Furnace with Moly Hot Zone
Fluorescent Penetrant Line
Fluorescent Penetrant Line
Sheffield Pioneer CMM
Sheffield Pioneer CMM / Pioneer Touch Trigger System