We specialize in a multitude of hot section turbine repairs. 
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  • Stators
  • Shrouds
  • Nozzles
  • Housings
  • Blades
  • Vane Segments


AMT’s Inspection department is responsible for maintaining the highest level of quality control. One of the procedures we have implemented, that we believe is unique to our company, is the participation of our disassembly mechanics in the inspection process.

The Director of Maintenance, Quality Manager, and the Overhaul and Rework Shop Managers will also review the disassembly / inspection findings.


Our inspection department has all the precision equipment necessary to achieve air worthiness compliance.

Coordinate Measuring Machine
The Coordinate measuring machine is a state of the art piece of equipment which enables the operator to measure angles, contours, curves, inside and outside diameters, and multiple dimensions on simple and complex parts of various sizes with a high amount of accuracy. This machine, connected to a personal computer, ensures proper documentation of all measurements and inspection results.

Optical Comparators
The Optical comparators provide magnified views of 10 power and more of profiles and surfaces allowing high accuracy measurement of various sized parts using a non-contact method.

In-house Non-destructive Test/ Liquid Penetrant inspection
The In-house Non-destructive test uses liquid penetrants, type 1, methods A and D, to inspect on cast, wrought and welded assemblies for the detection of discontinuities open to the surface.


Our quality department is responsible for the assurance and control of all technical publications. The quality department also maintains all information pertaining to customer maintenance programs, customer build standards, FAA requirements and regulations, EASA approval, internal audits, and subcontractor approval and surveillance.


Internal audits are periodically performed to assure compliance with the inspection procedures contained in AMT’s Inspection manual. Unscheduled audits of any function may be initiated by the Quality Assurance Manager based upon the recognition of conditions that deviate from specifications.


AMT’s Engineering department has the expertise to develop the most difficult repairs that often cannot be accomplished by others. Our DER approved repairs using state of the art computer engineering analysis programs, along with our in-house DER capability, has proven to be one of our most effective cost saving measures.

Our objective is to minimize the use of new replacement parts by using high quality repaired parts. The results are substantial monetary savings, which are passed on to our customers. In many ways we are able to improve the reliability of the part.


AMT’s Planning department uses computer generated planning to maintain each customers’ build standard requirements, along with the OEM’s required repair steps. This allows the planner to maintain the highest level of integrity in each repair performed.

A record of each operation is documented on our planning paperwork. This form allows both the production mechanic and inspector to sign off on each procedure performed. The planning form accompanies the respective part through the entire repair system. This ensures the final product has met all the customer and manual requirements, resulting in a well documented, successfully repaired part.


AMT’s Machine shop has the capabilities to perform the majority of our repairs in-house.

AMT has a fully equipped Machine shop designed with extensive machinery and equipment to accomplish the repair of Gas Turbine Engine components.

Vertical and Horizontal CNC Lathes
The Vertical and Horizontal CNC Lathes are used for more repeatability with less error than manual lathes. These lathes are used to profile impellers and rotating components and contour their respective mating housings. These CNC lathes repeatedly produce a more accurate tolerance.

Argon Chamber Welder
The Argon Chamber Welder creates an inert atmosphere, free of oxygen and any impurities. Argon chambers are used on titanium compressor wheels and impellers to restore leading edge, contours or trailing edge damage caused by rub, FOD, or bearing failures.

Electron Beam Welder
The Electron Beam Welder is used for welding turbine engine components. This welding method applies 100% penetration weld with little distortion. This process is performed within a vacuum on various high temperature metals including dissimilar metals.

Lathes, Mills & Grinders
AMT performs many machining operations with our various conventional Lathes, Mills & Grinders. Each customer requirement and individual part can be unique in its required repair scope. To maximize repair benefit, conventional machines ensure parts are repaired to the appropriate customized repair with the least amount of material removal.

Electronic Discharge Machine
The E.D.M. or Electronic Discharge Machine is a fully programmable CNC controlled machine used to remove large amounts of exotic material without causing any compromise to material integrity.